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BREN 2 Pistol Brace Kit

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Your Price: $429.99
Part Number: B2-SAB-1-Kit
Availability: 41 In Stock.
Complete CZ BREN 2 Pistol Brace Kit.

     Kit includes: Tyranny Defense Brace Adapter, StrongArm Pistol Brace, BREN 2 Factory Carbine Stock. 

Length of Pull (LOP) is 13 inches.

Total Weight of Brace Setup is 1.032 lbs (468 grams)

In order to comply with the ATF 13.5 inch Length of Pull (LOP) restriction, this setup is not adjustable for LOP.

NOTE:  Comes with everything to convert brace kit back to factory stock if you decide to Form 1 your BREN 2.

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